I am Johanna. I am passionate about finding new, sustainable design concepts in the interaction of practical design and basic research by collaborating with creatives from different disciplines.

Currently I am doing my masterdegree at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin with a special focus on analyzing the relationship between dress and wearer and textiles in motion. I also work at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces as a student research assistant.


2019 to date max planck institute of colloids and interfaces
student research assistant

2019 academy of fine arts vienna
workshop on fashion & performance

2018 international peacecamp, aachen
creative workshops

2017 philipp beilstein interior design, cologne
architectural design drawings

2015 to date comprehensive school aachen brand
creative projects on fashion, textile, upcycling


2020 junge akademie, berlin
second place ideas competition visions

2018 fashionclash festival, maastricht
fashion my religion, performance

2017 chapeau magazine, NL
winner talent of the year award

2017 edmond hustinx foundation, maastricht
nomination henriette hustinxprijs

2017 forza fashionhouse maastricht
exhibition HH nominees

2017 ludwig forum, aachen
exhibition design department

2016 fashionclash festival, maastricht
mafad graduation show

2015 fashionclash festival, maastricht
fashion performance

2013 marres, house for contemporary culture, maastricht
exhibition green fashion

2013 BBK galerie adalbertsteinweg, aachen
Light movements, performance for Sabine Jacobs

2012 halle 1 atrium, aachen
kunstroute, performance for Sabine Jacobs

2012 internationaler karlspreis, aachen
duo performance